Clomiphene Citrate
Manufacturer: GP UGL labs
50 capsules (25 mg/cap)

Dosage (Men)

50 -100 mg per day.

Dosage (Women)

Not recommended.

Active Life

5-7 days.



Common Names

Clomid, Clomed, Clomixyl, Clomiphene, Clomidex, Ardomon, Chloramiphene, Clomifeni Citras, Clomivid, Clostilbergyt, Dyneric, Fertilin, Fertomid, Genozym, Gravosan, Nefimol, Omifin, Pergolime, Prolifen, Serofen, Ovitec, Fetrop, Fulfyn, Clominova, Syphene, Fertitone, Clofert, Clomidac, Tevrol, Clomifene 50

Clomid Composition

1 pill contains:
Active substance: Clomiphene Citrate 25 mg

Bodybuilding Benefits

A drug that is used in post cycle therapy to overcome gynocomastia and raise the body’s natural testosterone levels. It acts by minimizing or blocking the effects of estrogen in the human body. This medication represents a selective estrogen receptor modulator that increases production of gonadotropins by inhibiting negative feedback on the hypothalamus.

Therapeutic Indication

Used in medicine to treat ovulatory dysfunction and polycystic ovary syndrome in women. It also stimulates the release of hormones necessary for ovulation to occur and is also used for the treatment of Stein-Leventhal syndrome and oligospermia.


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