Pramipexole 1mg


Pramipexole 1mg
Manufacturer: GP UGL labs
50 capsules (1 mg/cap)

Pramipexole dosages should be very conservative. I have read online that some say to run it twice per day, or recommend to run it at too high of a dose. Obviously, this is bad advice, and it will cause side effects. Hence, I recommend to dose it every other day, and start with only 0.06 milligrams (mg), before slowly working your way up to 0.25mg.

Pramipexole is a pricey drug, but it is still cheaper than cabergoline. It’s only cheaper because of the crazy side effects.




When a bodybuilder runs certain anabolic steroids that are progestin based (like trenbolone), they can get a rise in prolactin levels, which contributes to a loss of libido and many other side effects. For instance, many times we have seen gynecomastia (gyno) develop due to trenbolone use, and that is because the user abused the steroid for long periods of time without controlling prolactin levels. Luckily, pramipexole (prami) will help inhibit this prolactin rise, and avoid side effects associated with this hormone.

What’s more, no matter what the athlete may use as far as anabolic steroids, there is always going to be that coming off part, where they sometimes have a massive drop in libido. Therefore, it is important to use pramipexole during post cycle therapy (PCT) and/or bridge, as it can help keep libido strong until the HPTA reaches homeostasis. In fact, this is the reason why many of those who cycle steroids will use prami during, or after cycle. In addition to that, prami may be used by those who just want sexual benefits or help with appetite suppression.


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