HGH Benefits

Boost Energy & Vitality

Clinical studies show conclusively that HGH can have a huge impact on energy levels. This includes homeopathic HGH as well as the injectable form, the latter having shown its ability to boost energy levels as much as 84%.

Our overall energy is not isolated specifically to the physical body. It is emotional, mental and creative as well. We need significant amounts of these just to function on a basic level. Growth hormone has the ability to enhance each, as shown in studies.

Fatigue is usually a temporary loss of energy. For some, it can become chronic: experiencing low, sluggish energy so consistently that it becomes ‘normal’. In either circumstance – temporary or on-going – the physical, mental and emotional energy we desire is not available.

Studies show that fatigue can significantly diminish or even be reversed when supplementing with HGH. While a tremendous boost in energy can also be experienced by those having average levels.

Enhance Strength

In addition to energy levels, clinical studies show there can be a tremendous improvement in muscle strength – up to 88%.

All muscle in our body is primarily protein. This protein is made from amino acids. Thus, maintaining healthy muscle cells, and a solid level of muscle mass, depends on our body’s access to amino acids. If the body is not assimilating a sufficient amount of these, the muscle cells will weaken and the amount of muscle we have will begin to shrink.

The result of this is a loss of overall body strength.

When eating foods high in protein, such as meat, fish, poultry, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, etc. or taking a protein supplement, the body must break down the protein into its primary building blocks, which are the amino acids. The body must then absorb these amino acids through the small intestine.

Regardless of the type of protein we eat, our body usually has access to only a small percentage of the amino acids that are potentially available. The percentage that actually gets used is referred to as the Amino Acid Uptake.

For meat, fish and poultry normal uptake is around 32%, while soy and whey is half that at around 16%. Uptake percentages, of course, can be far less than normal when digestion is weak, absorption of nutrients is impaired, or other similar issues exist.

One of the ways growth hormone helps to maintain and increase overall muscle mass is by promoting the uptake of amino acids. This ensures that the muscle cells consistently receive the nourishment they need to function at an optimum level.

Thus, HGH helps the body maintain its overall strength, and when combined with exercise that strength will usually increase.

Increase Stamina

Stamina is defined as enduring energy and strength. Another way to say this would be ‘consistent’ or ‘constant’ energy and strength.

When someone has excellent stamina their energy level fluctuates very little. Rarely are they ‘hyper’ and rarely are they ‘down’ or dragging. Seldom will there be energy dips in the afternoon, and at the end of most days they are consistently effective through the evening and into the night until going to bed.

When experiencing this sort of stamina there is no need for caffeine, energy supplements or pharmaceuticals to help maintain productivity. There is an even flow throughout each day accompanied by the knowing that a significant fluctuation in this flow is unlikely and would never be long-lasting.

Discussed above is how HGH can boost energy and also enhance strength. It does both very subtly, yet potently, since this hormone is a natural substance within us. For on-going and consistent stamina these are the only two components needed: energy and strength. Growth hormone provides both.

The result can be an incredible increase in our day-to-day stamina.

Add Lean Muscle

Medical studies have proven that positive gains occur only while humangrowth hormone is being secreted by the pituitary gland. HGH significantly increases the effects of exercise and muscle building, including energy, muscle strength and endurance.

Studies at St. Thomas Hospital in London showed that “there is a tremendous increase in muscles and you won’t believe how hard they are.” L. Cass Terry, M.D. also found that growth hormone, “made a tremendous difference in my fat composition and body configuration in less than two months.”

Lower Body Fat

The most effective anti-obesity “agent” ever discovered, GH revs up the metabolism to former highs, selectively reducing the abdomen, hips, waist and thighs while at the same time increasing muscle mass. In many cases, people “look like they’ve shed years away along with the fat they’ve lost.”

Elevate Mood

Human growth hormone acts in the brain like an antidepressant, raising B-endorphin levels — the brain’s own opiate — and lowering dopamine which causes agitation. HGH can reduce stress, improve concentration and focus, and help to build self-confidence.

Balance Sleep

HGH can be a great help in balancing sleep. Not only can you feel more rested in the morning, but many report for the first time in years they are able to sleep the entire night. Others find they need less sleep, yet have more energy.

Increase Memory

HGH can stimulate the repair and rejuvenation of brain cells. It also affects the proteins produced in the brain for storing our memories. HGH deficiency has been directly related to the impairment of both long- and short-term memory as well as hand-eye coordination. Learning, memory and intelligence all depend on adequate supplies of growth hormone.

Renew Skin & Hair

Proper diet, aerobic and weight-training exercise, antioxidants and even other hormone treatments can be a great help in maintaining a youthful appearance. But only growth hormone can take a decade or so off your face.

The skin regains thickness and youthful contours as it becomes more elastic and hydrated and people start looking visibly younger, usually within a few weeks. Not only do the fine lines vanish and deeper wrinkles recede, the face actually undergoes a change of contour.

Human growth hormone appears to have a tonic effect on hair. In clinical tests 38% reported new hair growth, coming in faster and thicker, and even in its natural color.

Nails are strengthened and cellulite removed. GH has even demonstrated that it can re-grow burned skin and close ulcerated wounds.

Rejuvenate the Immune System

HGH improves the manufacture of new antibodies, increases production of T-cells and interlukin 2, induces the proliferation of disease fighting white blood cells, stimulates bacteria fighting macrophages and improves production of red blood cells.

Improve Brain Function

The brain and nervous system are made up of cells called neurons. And though they are permanent and never re-grow, human growth hormonecan stimulate their repair and rejuvenation. It also affects the proteins produced in the brain for storing our memories. Therefore, learning, memory and intelligence all depend on adequate supplies of growth hormone.

Enhance Sexual Desire

As a powerful aphrodisiac, HGH restores sexual potency and sexuality in older men. Women using it report increased libido, heightened pleasure and the equivalent of greater potency in men, which for the female is multiple orgasms. It also helps to alleviate menstrual and post-menopausal symptoms, and eliminate vaginal dryness.

According to many of the physicians who use growth hormone in their practice, the sexual changes are striking, effecting both men and women.

Dr. John Baron, at age 82, says, “I’m surprised myself. I’d say my libido and sexual function is as good as it was when I was 25.”

HGH can be a great help in balancing sleep. Not only can you feel more rested in the morning, but many report for the first time in years they are able to sleep the entire night. Others find they need less sleep, yet have more energy.

Protect Cells

Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, etc., can remove oxygen free radicals and keep the proteases (destructive enzymes that cause cell damage) from becoming active. But growth hormone can act on the proteases directly. It activates a cellular defense force called protease inhibitors, which prevent free radicals from doing their deadly work.

The latest European research shows that growth hormone can not only further what antioxidants do, it can also go beyond and do what antioxidants cannot.

Human growth hormone can also strengthen bones, thicken hair, re-color the gray, improve vision, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve digestion, increase oxygen uptake, reverse shrinking of major organs, quicken healing of wounds and even more.